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Sometimes, especially in a tight economic market, a construction business will have need of emergency cash. For whatever reason–whether it’s to meet payroll, or to make a necessary purchase to complete a job–sometimes, cash is needed. The good news is that fast cash is available and you don’t need perfect credit to get it.

Cash Today-Title Today provides loans to construction companies, contract workers, equipment operators, and those who own their construction equipment free and clear.

You can take the cash and keep driving the equipment. That’s right, you keep and use the equipment over the duration of your loan. We do use PassTime Canada GPS. This helps both parties. It helps to remind you when your loan payment is due, and it helps us both should the equipment be stolen.

We also offer special rates for large volume loans on construction equipment.

Call or stop by any of our locations to discuss your financial needs. Our team will be happy to explain everything you want to know about a construction equipment loan and how it can help ease your financial burden.