Smart Loans

What is a Smart Loan?


Good question! A Smart Loan is a small unsecured loan. These loans are usually approved for amounts from $100 to $1,000. They are designed to meet a short term financial need. For instance, imagine you forgot to pay the electric bill and the shut off date is four days before your next pay day. You need $200 to pay the bill but you only have $10.00 in your checking account. What can you do? This is where a Smart Loan comes in handy. You can get emergency cash now!


Cash Today-Title Today specializes in Smart Loans. These allow customers to borrow against future paychecks for emergencies or other short-term cash needs. Even if you have no credit or bad credit, when you need cash now we can help you to get cash--now! 


To qualify, you’ll need the following:


  • Proof of Employment. You must be employed for a minimum of Six months by the same employer
  • Last two pay stubs
  • Proof of Edmonton residence
  • Most recent utility bill
  • Current bank statement showing the past two weeks of transactions
  • Two blank cheques
  • Valid government issued photo identification


If you meet these requirements, your Smart loan request is likely to be approved. No credit check is necessary. In addition, you can have your money in under an hour. In as little as 20 minutes, funds can be on the way to your bank account. 


Maximum charges in Alberta for a payday loan: $15 per $100 lent.


We charge $15 per $100 lent.


For a $300 loan for 14 days: Total cost of borrowing= $45


Annual Percentage Rate= 391.07%


Payday loans are a form of high-cost credit.


This information meets the requirements of the Fair Trading Act.

License #: 327007


We make repaying your Smart Loan easy, as well.

You can make loan payments at any of our four locations in Edmonton, or it can be automatically withdrawn from your bank account. The choice is up to you.


Customer Notice: Cash advance loans (Smart Loans) should be used for short-term need only and not as a substitute for a long-term financial solution.



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