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Use our easy online application today for fast, safe, and reliable funding with affordable and flexible payment options and same-day financing with no credit check required.

Applying does not affect your credit rating.

We are proud to stand by our neighbours in Central and Northern Alberta as they live their lives free from financial restraint in times of need.  Whether they need a bridge title loan, emergency funding or debt consolidation, our professional and understanding lending advisors are here to help.

Whether you struggle with poor credit, no credit, or just need funds quickly, apply online today and receive your cash in less than an hour.


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Title Loans

We offer short-term lending solutions that allow you to use your existing assets as collateral to “bridge” the gap in your current financial situation.

Commercial Financing

We provide fast and reliable no credit check title loans to construction companies, contractors, equipment operators and more.

Smart Loans

A Smart Loan is a customized debt-consolidation solution to fit your financial needs and get you out from underneath high interest debt faster.

“I work in the oilfield business and have had to use these kind of businesses many times while waiting for my money to come in. For me personally Cash Today-Title Today helped me through a crunch when I needed funds fast. My credit didn’t allow me to use a bank where of course I would get better rates. The staff clearly outlined the rates that I would have to pay and that their service was a short-term solution and not a longer term one.”


Smart Financing for Smart People™

Personal Budgeting Tips

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Credit Score Management

Monitoring your credit score, and working hard to improve it over time, should be top of mind for all individuals. The question becomes, what’s the best way to do that? Like most people, you’ve likely [...]

Managing Commercial Finances

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