Robert B.
I work in the oilfield business and have had to use these kind of businesses many times while waiting for my money to come in. For me personally Cash Today-Title Today helped me through a crunch when I needed funds fast. My credit didn’t allow me to use a bank where of course I would get better rates. The staff clearly outlined the rates that I would have to pay and that their service was a short-term solution and not a longer term one. Paying my loan off as soon as I could made the interest rates fair for what I was getting. I knew going in that these were not bank rates and that the interest was higher. The staff was great and helped me with payment options that worked for me.

Jeff L.
I talked back and forth for a good week before I decided to jump in. The lady I was dealing with was amazing. She explained everything, had answers for all my questions and helped me set up a payment schedule that worked for me. I recommend this company. I am done paying off my loan. It was a very good experience indeed. Thank you!

Nicole P.
My experience with these guys was awesome! They helped me with what I needed, and also seeing as my husband and I were going through tough times. They were able to help us with a great rate, that we could afford, and it helped us get out of our sticky situation, when no where else would help us. Cash Today Thank you for helping us when we needed it 🙂

David S.
I want to thank you for the tremendous help I got from the staff to get what I needed on a loan on what I was able to afford, thank you for all your amazing customer service, and help. I recommend this business, and I will be recommending them to my friends and family. Thank you again, I couldn’t be more appreciative.

Marie S.
I have been back to this company twice for loans, and each time, its great customer service, friendly staff, also it was quick process each time I got my loans. I Will definitely recommend you guys to friends and family members!!

Excellent customer service!

I recommend this company!!!!



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